Art Card Box, Anniversary edition 2019

In 2019 I celebrate that I’m a sculptor of animals for 30 years.  Because of this anniversary I am working on and designing an art card box. Thirty years sculptures of animals is reason for a party. I also celebrate this by exhibitions in Appingedam, Berlin and The Hague. The Art cards box is part of this.

The box will contain cards showing images of my favorite images. With on the backside a text of myself with a special story, or a quote of people who inspired me over the years. A unique piece of art is added to the luxury edition. A drawing in stone with a portrait of an animal.

I am increasingly aware of the fragility of many species of animals. By giving animals a face, I hope to contribute to their awareness. The portraits of animals that I made for the luxury edition are an expression of this.

Standard Edition- €29 (incl. 9% VAT)
Art Card Box with 20 cards, size 17x17x2 cm
Luxury Edition- €210 (incl. 9% VAT)
Art Card Box with 20 cards, size 17X17x3 cm
Drawing in stone, portrait of an animal, tile of 15x15x1cm
Each tile is a unique piece of art.
A maximum of 30 copies of this luxury edition are manufactured.
There are still only 7 pieces of this luxury edition for sale.
The tiles that are for sale are; Seal, Tiger, Moose, Griffon Vulture, Secretarybird, Hyena and Buzzard

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Seal, Drawing in stone

Moose, Drawing in Stone

Tiger, Drawing in Stone

Griffon Vulture, drawing in stone

secretarybird, drawing in stone

hyena, drawing in stone

Common Buzard, drawing in stone

The cards are printed on 300 g/m² matte paper, size 14, 8×14, 8 cm, 15 pieces are printed on both sides, one side of which is fullcolour, 5 pieces are printed on one side. The cards and boxes use FSC certified paper. Design, execution and idea; Fiona Zondervan © 2019