In 2019, Fiona celebrates her
30th anniversary

With a number of special exhibitions, publication of an Art card box, Spring- and Autumnsculpture.

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Tableau's en drawings in stone for exhibition

Exhibitions 2019

Galerie Classico, Berlin
TierLEBEN, Fiona Zondervan 30 years animal sculpture
Danger, Endangered, 25 september t/m 9 november,
opening 28 september 19u

Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam
ORT 2019, 22 september t/m 22 december

Kunstzaal van Heijningen, The Hague
Celebrating 30 year anniversary Fiona, together with fellow artisist; Brothers Miedema, Jaap Ploos van Amstel, Robin D’Arcy Schillman, Piet Klaasse † and sculptor Marianne Bijker. 10 October to 10 November 2019
opening 12 October

Gallery Paterswolde, Paterswolde
Business cards 2019; Exhibition miniatures 10 November-7 January (2020)

Winter Welvaart 2019, groningen
20, 21 and 22 December opening Friday 17uOp M.S. Tarakan
with Anke Slooff, painthings and sreenprint

Exhibitions 2019 previous

Museum Mohlmann, Appingedam
Miniatures II, Small, Small, smallest 30 juni t/m 15 september

Oosterlander Church, Wieringen
50 years Cultural Circle Wieringen15 June to 1 September,
opening 15 June, 15h

Galerie Classico, Berlin  
Wild Nature – 29 May till 7 July

Museum Mohlmann,  Appingedam  
Jubilee Exhibition “Dear Animal” together with 42 colleagues 31 March to 23 June, special Book edition; “Dear Animal” for € 20 go to the website of the museum to order

First Art Fair, Amsterdam
16 till 20 January opening January
Presented by Galerie Amsterdam
Art Breda
12 t/m 19 May Breda
S. van Leeuwen, antique dealers 

High-flyers of the lowland, 2016 Exhibition in the Netherlands as a tribute to the bird, visit  the Website Bird artists

Exhibits 2020 expected

Sculptures in the sculpture garden of  Galerie A-Quadraat, Vorden
May until September 2020

20th anniversary of the Artists Society de
Groninger Kroon
May 2020, Pictura Groningen

Exhibition in Sculpture Shop The Hague
January 2020

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