Sculpting in stone

Always wanted to learn to sculpt in stone, the three day course that Fiona gives several times a year is suitable for beginners and advanced students. It is a workshop in the rural studio of Fiona te Den Horn, 7 kilometres from the city of Groningen. There are 3 to 4 summer courses. The sculpture course is also suitable for company outings and is then tailor-made for one day, a maximum of 8 people can participate.
The Studio of Fiona Zondervan is very suitable as a course room. When the weather is nice, you can work outdoors. There are a maximum of 5 people at a time, the method of teaching is very personal.

Dates in 2024

Summercourses 2024

– 23, 24 en 25 juli
– 30, 31 juli en 1 augustus
– 6, 7 en 8 augustus
– 13, 14 en 15 augustus

Time: 10 to 16h
incl: stone

Reservation: Mobile phone +31624421700 or contactform


How to create an exciting image from a rough piece of stone in a short time! Sculptor Fiona Zondervan can tell you about it after years of experience working with Stone.
The course will elaborate on stone, the differences by stone-type and the possible and impossibilities of stone.
The use of a wide variety of chisels and abrasives is covered. There can be worked in different types of stone: the medium-hard stones, such as limestone, marble, bluestone. Or for beginners the softer stones, such as; soapstone, alabaster, serpentine
The making an animal is absolutely no requirement, own ideas, pictures and designs are very welcome. For anyone who has always wanted to learn how to sculpt or deepen the sculpture technique.

A student’s response

Just like last year you were near if we needed, you left us alone when it went well, you knew how to point out new things at the right moment and there was always a great enthusiasm  coming from you. Very nice and instructive to start with two small tactile stones and nice that you also gave us books and photos to study. Owl Chick Japie has arrived in the backpack in Zaandijk and is under the beams in our old wooden house from 1625. As if he belongs there. Not to imagine that he has been sitting in that stone for thousands, perhaps millions of years! I made it a little more plucked, and he is quite good. You understand that I love to come back next year!