Endangered Animals

Animals has been my greatest source of inspiration for more than thirty years. As a result, I am also confronted with the shadow side of existence. Not all the animals I make are threatened, but many are! This is of everyone’s concern. I try to live responsibly and support a number of organizations.
By making images of animals, I give the animal a face to make everyone realize to live respectfully with every living being. We do not take good care for our planet and also not for the species that live on them. Man is mighty, a very strong species, but that has resulted in crooked relations with often little respect for other species. It will soon be clear whether we are powerful enough to turn the tide.
I want to to capture the (endangered) animal in such a way so that you will be confronted with it’s peculiarities and it’s mysteries and form. My goal is to create an awareness that will achieve the protection and possibly reintroduction of exotic and domestic animals.


Usually I observe the animals I make in real life. That’s not possible with this species. The Pangolin is not held in zoos and is going to be extinct in the wild. This animal is one of the most hunted species in the world.
The Pangolin is a scaly animal, also called scaly anteater, and is found in Asia and Africa. Just like hedgehogs, they are rolling up at risk. Therefor they are an easy prey. They are being hunted for their flesh, which is a delicacy in some countries. Also their scales are wanted, which have an unproven medical effect.
This story chocked me.. I have always felt a lot of involvement in the fate of animals and sometimes consciously kept it at a distance. But here I couldn’t ignore it!
I started searching the internet and found beautiful pictures of a very special animal, and then I started to make a sculpture of a rolled Pangolin. A piece of serpentine from Africa seemed very suitable for this purpose. With this design I went to the Fablab in Groningen. To make a reproduction by means of a 3d print .
The mother is a stone, the youngsters come from a 3d printer and are made of recycled plastic. An ancient piece of stone, edited by My hands, inspired by and by a special animal and their story. My way to give a face to an animal species wich deserves to be protected.

Organisations whom I support are;
World Wide Fund
Stichting Aap
Jane Goodall Institute
Save Pangolins