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Animal Sculptures

Animals are my models. Bronze and Stone the material I work in. Movement, texture and self evident form are my basic ingredients.
It all started in Artis Zoo. When I started to use animals as models. Since then animals form an endless source of inspiration. It started with the monkey’s. With them there really was contact. Through observation, drawing and photographs, I learn to know the outside an inside of animals. Characters, moods and peculiarity’s. That’s when I saw more clearly that every species has its one characteristic and personality. I want to make images with a self-evident character, to show the natural beauty witch lies within them. Monkeys are not the only animals I like, although one off my favourite, exotic animals as well as animals nearby are inspiring to me. I make dogs, cats and cows, and recently I made a Cheetah and a Polar bear. I make the animals in bronze or stone and show their natural strength and character through this material.


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